In order to enjoy your purchase for a long time, it is important to take good care of your shoes. 

1) Always loosen the laces or closures before wearing or taking off your shoes. 
2) Use your hands to take off your shoes and never step on the heel. Use a shoehorn to put them on. This way you prevent the leather from tearing and your shoes breaking prematurely due to improper use. This damage is not covered by any form of warranty! 
3) Let your shoes breathe after wearing. Do not put them directly in the closet. You lose a lot of perspiration through your foot. It is better to change shoes regularly, this gives perspiration enough time to leave the shoe in a natural way.
4) Use cedar shoe tree in your shoe immediately after wearing. The shoe is still warm and the leather and / or suede supple. A cedar tensioner absorbs perspiration and ensures that the shoe retains its shape. 
Never place wet shoes on the radiator / heater. Fill them with newspaper or kitchen roll and let them dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. Remove dirt with a dry brush before the dirt can dry in.
5) Suede and nubuck shoes require extra careful care. We advise you to spray the shoes with a protective shoe spray before wearing. This not only keeps shoes beautiful for longer, but also gives them a protective layer against (weather) influences from the outside. We recommend the Collonil brand. 

6) If you wear it frequently, it is best to spray your shoes regularly. First brush the shoes with a special shoe brush. This also applies to leather men’s shoes.
8) A color-matched shoe cream ensures that your leather shoes retain their color. 
9) By applying transparent gel cream with a soft cloth, your shoes will regain their shine. 
10) Smooth-running zipper keeps you supple with candle wax or beeswax. 
11) Give your shoes a thorough cleaning every week. Make sure that the shoe polish penetrates well into the leather. Brush lengthwise from the seams. Always use the prescribed products to clean your shoes.